discover 3D SPARK filaments!!!


    3D spark quality is awesome never add nozzle jam after starting using their product i was having so many issue with ebay providers so i turn to this compagnie as it was near me and the price is really cheap and turn out to be so much great that it even unjam my nozzle of the older cheaper one without having to dismount the nozzle and clean it up really awsome! save me lot of time now as i know that my print are perfect when they come out of the printer as long as they are set correctly in slicer software (cura and simplify3d in my case)

    Sylvain Bernier

  • pla wood color 1kg 1.75mm filament from 3d spark

    This is a great product,smooth printing accurate in measurement . one of the best PLA filaments I have used. Exactly what I have come to expect from ElectronicGeek. The delivery was fast and price quite fair. I wish I could include a photo of the prints so you could see the results. I can't wait use the spool of Sparks' siver I have on my shelf. Try it, you won,t be disappointed.

    Bryan D.

  • I would like to saythat I always had great service and quick delivery from Electronic Geek . The filament I bought is a repeat order because the quality is very good and the price is in line with other online stores. This is my store of choice for all my 3d printer needs .

    Gordon R.

  • worthy petg filament

    High quality filament with awesome dimensional accuracy. Beautiful green color and much stronger than PLA. In my personal case printing settings are: nozzle 225°C, bed 75°C, 60mm/s speed and 0.2mm/layer on the regular Tevo's bed - no film/glue/spray/glass and without brims. Take in consideration than material is translucent, thus infill lines are slightly visible with even 0.8mm walls. PS: Great service and pickup availability are priceless :)

    Evgheni C