MKS SBase V1.1 32 bits Motherboard (compatible Smoothieware )


MKS SBase 
MKS-SBase is a latest version of 3D Printer main board by Makserbase. It is based  on ARM platform and using 32bit 100M Cortex-MS MCU-LPC1768.
Features :
 1. Using 32bit 100M Cortex-M3 MCU-LPC 1768, and highly improve its performance.

 2.Support highly modular open source firmware Smoothieware, easy for secondary development.

3. Support network function, you can connect it to the network directory and then realize remote control with IE Explorer.

4. Using DRV8825 stepper driver, support 1/32-step, better than A4988 stepper driver. DRV8825 is SOP packing and it has better cooling effect.

5. Directory setting the Currents of the stepper motor, avoid the damage when setting.

6. Using high quality FR-4 4 layers PCB and special design for cooling.

7. Using professional power chip, support 12V-24V DC input

8. Can connect to 12864LCD display.

9. Can connect to MKS TFT28 touch screen Display.

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