Dual Head Extruder V6 Hot End similar to E3D Chimera Extruder with Wire


2 In, 2 Out - Dual Extrusion System

Similar to the Chimera. It's a neat and simple way in which to add conventional dual extrusion to your machine in a simple, air cooled package. Nozzles can be individually adjusted in height for an easy setup experience. Each nozzle is individually temperature controllable for ultimate material versatility. Includes a tiny 30x28mm footprint and easy mounting.

We use the copper material fittings, so that the connector can take higher temperatture.

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Feed inlet diameter:1.75 diameter Inlet

Package Included:
1 set Dual head extruder with nozzles
2 piece 12v 40w Heater
2 piece 100K NTC thermistor

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