Anycubic PHOTON DLP RESIN 3D Printer

ANYCUBIC DLP Resin 3D Printer with Touch Screen, very high details printing from 25 to 100 microns.

!! FREE SHIPPING DIRECTLY FROM THE CANADIAN WAREHOUSE !!(Located in British Columbia, usually 5/7 business days after order treatment)


Easy to Setup

Open a New Gate of 3D Printing by 3 Step

Step 1: Assemble Build Platform
Step 2: Assemble Resin Vat
Step 3: Leveling the Printer
Then you can enjoy the world of 3D printing


    2K LCD masking screen. 2560*1440 (2k) HD masking LCD gives very fine printing details down to few micrometers

    Creative Structure Offers more Easiness to Leveling

     Lower the platform down to screen
    Feel the resistance when pulling the paper in-between
    Tighten one screw
    Leveling done

        Stable Transmission off-printing in strict sense

        Photon supports off-line print with built-in operational system,truly hassle-free

        Inner air-purfication system with activated carbon

        Combined with the activated carbon to filtrate bad smell and keep air clean

        Please check the FEP film is tight or not before use
        To prevent a damage of FEP film from transportation, the assembled FEP film was in a semi-tight condition. Please tight it before your first print.
        You can tighten the FEP film by:
        • ① Tighten eight screws on the back of the grooves one by one
        • ② Click on the FEP film and you may hear a “drum” sound if the FEP film is well tightened



        Technical Specifications:

        • Operating System:ANYCUBIC Photon

        • Screen: 2.8-inch touch screen

        • Slicer software: ANYCUBIC Photon Slicer

        • Connection: USB

        • Technology: LCD

        • Light-source: UV integrated light(wavelength 405nm)

        • XY DPI: 47um(2560*1440)

        • Z axis resolution: 1.25um

        • Layer resolution: 25 ~ 100um

        • Printing speed: 20mm/h

        • Rated Power: 40W

        • Printer size: 220mm * 200mm * 400mm

        • Printing volume: 115mm * 65mm * 155mm (4.52″*2.56″*6.1″)

        • Printing material: 405nm photosensitive resin

        • N.W: 7.2 kg

        • G.W: 9.5 kg

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