Active alarm buzzer driver module single chip for Arduino


Product Description

Passive passive buzzer is characterized by: 1 internal without shock source, so if use dc signal can't make it. Must use 2 k ~ 5 k square wave to drive it two voice frequency control, can be made "more meters sola pallets to the west". 3 in some special cases, can reuse and LED a control

Active buzzer is characterized by: 1 active buzzer with internal shock source, so as long as the electricity will call 2 program control convenient, single chip microcomputer could make a high level in their voice, while passive buzzer cannot do it.

A module 1 module driven by 9012 triode working voltage 3.3 V 2-5 v3 has a fixed bolt hole, convenient to install 4 small board PCB size: 2.8 cm * 1.3 cm

2 module interface specification (3 wire system) 1 + 3.3 V to 5 V voltage converter (which can be directly connected to 3.3 V and 5 V single chip microcontroller) 2 - external GND3 out an external microcontroller IO port

Three shipping list

1 x active buzzer module as shown (through testing)

3 x 20 cm dupont jumper cable female-female

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