DELUXE UNO R3 KIT Upgraded version with RFID and LCD - Arduino compatible


The perfect kit to start learning ! 

Package Included:
UNO R3 Board x 1 

830 points Breadboard x 1
RDIF module x 1

IC keychain x1

Non contact type IC card x1

1602 LCD module x1

5V relay x1

DS1302 clock RTC module x1

Voice detection x1

Temperature and humidity sensor x1

Level detection module x1

4x4 keypad module x1

xy joystick x1

servo x1

stepper driver motor x1

Blue LED x5

Yellow LED x5

Red LED x5

1K resistor x5

10K resistor x5

220 Ohms x5

Buzzer x2

Key module x4

LM35 sensor module x1

Photoresistor x3

Ifrared receiver x1

Adjustable potentiometer x1

4 digital tube x1

8x8 dot matrix module x1

74HC595N chips x1

Infrared remote control x1

Breadboard jumper x30

Male to female DuPont lines x30

USB cable x1



For ARDUINO RFID Learning Suite is the entry to the master suite upgrades, updates place mainly in:

1602 I2C 1602 replaced the screen to control it more convenient,

new RFID module and RFID keychain and white card,

Added DS1302 clock module,

new of the sound detection module,

new temperature and humidity module,

new water level detection module,

added 4 * 4 keypad module

new of 8 * 8 dot matrix module.

Note :  shipping without the battery


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