MAX7219 8 x 8 Dot matrix module MCU control Display module for Arduino ASSEMBLED


Module parameters:


1 individual modules can be driven by a common cathode array 8*8

2 module working voltage: 5V

3 module size: 5 cm long and 3.2 cm wide X X 1.5 cm high

4 with 4 fixing screw hole, aperture 3mm, can use our M3 pillars fixed

The 5 module with input and output interface, support for multiple module cascade


Wiring instructions:

1 module left for the input port, the output port.

2 control of a single module, only need to input port for receiving a CPU

More than 3 modules are cascaded, first module connected to the input CPU, output end is connected with the input end of second modules, second module connected to the output end of the input end of third modules, and so on...


With 51 single chip as example:

The VCC → 5V


The DIN → P22

The CS → P21

The CLK → P20


Matters needing attention:

1. VCC and GND is not reversed, the baking-free bad chip!

2 the use of 51 single-chip P0 port control, must be connected to the pull-up resistor, resistance to 4.7K--10K recommendations

3 please dot matrix to inserted into the circular hole seat, then the hole seat insert PCB plate welding.Dot matrix characters side towards himself, from left to right in the order of 123456 pins.PCB board first square foot pad!

4 foot long for electrolytic capacitor anode, short foot is a negative pole; ceramic capacitors without positive and negative points.

Package include:
1.MAX7219 dot matrix module ASSEMBLED
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