At, we care about you! Our goal is that 100% of our clients are satisfied with their purchase.

Please read the following policy before buying and make sure you agree with it. Because all items are for DIY projects, it's sometimes difficult for us to guarantee the item because we have no control on how it is used. Therefore, we have a DOA policy.

For any question about defective items, question about using items or general technical informations request, please write to

We try to help our customers the best we can, and the fastest as we can too!  We will answer your emails during the week days. If you haven't received an answer after 2 days, please write to us again.  


  1. If your item is DOA, please contact us as soon as you notice it. We offer remplacement or refund for defective electronic components within 10 days after you received the item.  Our warranty is for defective on arrival (DOA) only, if the item presents a manufacturing defects before using it.

Questions about using the item:

  1. Because most of our item are DIY, we cannot answer all question on problems using the item or to solve issues with your project. For all items, many tutorials are available on internet.


  1. We will always apply our 10 days return policy if the items is not used and returned with it’s original package. Please note the the shipping cost is never refunded. Always contact us before returning an item to get the RMA. 

Microcontroller Arduino compatible (Uno, Nano, Mega, DUE and mini )

 If your micro controller is defective and it's not due to a user's mistake, we will remplace it for free. You have to send us the defective part within three months of the purchase, we will send you a remplacement unit free of charge. Buyer has to pay the shipping fees to return the defective unit, we will pay the shipping fees for the remplacement unit.


3D printer DIY kit:

Our 10 days return policy is only applied if the kit has not been assembled or partly assembled and if the seal of the box is intact. If the box was opened, we cannot guarantee to the next customer that the kit contains all the original piece, so the refund policy doesn't apply. Please note the the shipping cost is never refunded. 

Your DIY printer is covered by a 6 months limited warranty.  If there is a manufacturing defect with a piece, please contact us and we will be happy to send you the part without charge in the shortest time.

     Included DIY support service purchased with all 3D printer

     Optional paid support service purchased with a 3D printer

If we judge the problem comes from an unusual use or transformation, we cannot apply the warranty. But let us know about the problem and we can find a solution for you at the lowest cost possible.