10mm x 282mm Drive Rod x2

Machined out of stainless steel, these drive rods, also known as lead screws, are used on the LulzBot Mini and can be used in DIY RepRap-style 3D printer builds. 

Works with: LulzBot Mini


These 10 mm in diameter metric lead screws move the Z-axis smoothly and reliably. When building a DIY RepRap 3D printer, choose metric Z-axis lead screws to allow for all layer height options. Each drive rod has machined ends, one sized for a 608 bearing, and the other side sized for 5mm stepper motor couplers.

Parts Included

Two (2) Lead Screws


Length: 282 mm (11.1 in)

Diameter: 10 mm (0.4 in)

Screw Pitch: 2 mm (0.1 in)

Thread Direction: Right Hand


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