5A adjustable DC-DC buck converter 4-38V to 1.25-36V Buck Power Supply Converter



  • Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK) 
  • Input voltage: 4-38V (input please try not to exceed 38V)
  • Output voltage :1.25-36V output voltage continuously adjustable
  • Output current :0-5A, 4.5A recommended for use in the
  • Output power: It is recommended to use in the 75W. 
  • Working temperature: -40 to +85 degrees 
  • Operating Frequency: 180KHz 
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 96% (efficiency and input and output voltage, current, pressure related) 
  • Power Indicator: Yes 
  • Short-circuit protection: Yes (limited current 8A) 
  • Over-temperature protection: Yes (automatic shutdown after over-temperature output) 
  • Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No, (if necessary, please enter the string into the high current diode) 
  • Installation: two 3mm screws 
  • Wiring: Welding, V-IN is the input, V-OUT is the output 
  • Size:54 x 23 x 15 mm 
  • Weight: 16g 


This product is a 180 KHz fixed frequency PWM buck (step-down) DC/DC module,capable of driving a 5A load with high efficiency, low ripple and excellent line and load regulation.

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