Afinibot A9 3D Printer


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    Easy to assemble
    Can be used with laser for engraving (upon special order)
    One-body heating bed and covered nozzle
    High accuracy and low noise
    210*210*210mm printing area
    Support PLA, Wood, ABS and Flexible Rubber

    Model : Afinibot Laser 3d printer
    Type :  DIY Kits
    Frame Material : Aluminium alloy
    Weight : 10KG
    Working Voltage : 12V/Support Battery
    Input Power Volume : 110V-240V
    Heating Bed : Yes
    Build Volume (LWH):210*210*210mm
    Layer Thickness  :0.05-0.4mm
    Max Printing Speed  :120mm/s
    Standard Extruder Diameter : 0.4mm
    Printing Material Supply : PLA, ABS, CCU, CCT, Wood, PETG, Flexible, Luminous
    Printing Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
    Date Import Format : STL, OBJ, G-Code
    Device Size : 380*430*495mm
    Carton Size : 420*520*220mm
    Operating System : Win XP/7/8, Mac, Linux
    Printing Software : Repetier-Hos, Cura



    1. There are only 4 parts of the accessories and it is easy to be assembled.
    2. Much safer. Working voltage is only 12V, one-body heating bed and covered nozzle.
    3. Newest aluminium alloy frame. High accuracy and low noise when printing.
    4. Printing area is 210*210*210mm.
    5. Support PLA, Wood, ABS and Flexible Rubber.
    6. Nice and cute design.
    7. 1 Year Warranty, Technical Support for Life.
    8. Support laser engraving (needs laser head, not included in the kit)
     ◆ Connectivity - USB or SD
     ◆ Filament - 1.75mm
     ◆ Power - 12V 8A Power Adapter
     ◆ Layer Resolution - 100 Microns
     ◆ Heatbead

    Introducing our newest Mini 3D Printer, with it being lightweight and easy to transport, giving you the freedom to enjoy 3D Printing On-The-Go. It operates on a 12V system and has an SD Card for offline printing. The nozzle is protected by metal plating which makes it safe for children to be around. It is great for educational purposes such as uses in schools and colleges. The Mini 3D Printer comes with an LCD control screen that allows you to adjust your printing speed and nozzle temperatures in real time. The Mini 3D Printer has the ability print PLA, ABS, CCU, CCT, Wood, PETG, Flexible (Rubber) and Luminous Filament. It's LCD screen and motherboard is also Plug-n-Play, making it incredibly easy for DIY projects and can be assembled in just a few hours. The frame of the Mini 3D printer uses the Newest V-Slot, which brings high accuracy and low noise printing.

    What's Included
    1. Afinibot 3D Printer * 1pc
    2. LCD Control Screen * 1pc
    3. Power Adapter * 1pc
    4. Filament Holder * 1pc
    5. DIY Kits * 1pc

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