Boost Buck DC-DC Adjustable Step Up Down Converter XL6009 Power Supply Module 20W 5-32V to 1.2-35V


1: The new original XLSEMI chip, eliminate fake, disassemble chip.
2: Imported SMD electrolytic capacitors, not accompanied by homemade capacitance.
3: Up to 400Khz operating frequency, and LC filter circuit, output ripple is very low.
4: Import TDK inductors, the heat and noise to a minimum.
6: Input and output three MLCC Multilayer ceramic capacitors, interference enhance stability.
7: PCB use kb of A grade sheet material, to prevent cardboard, garbage plate.
8: Built-in MOSFET, the LM2577 built-triode say goodbye, can reach 94% efficiency.
9: Increased enable the port, you can control whether the boost circuit.
10: Dimensions: 49 (L) * 23.4 (W) * 11.4 (H) mm (excluding potentiometer)
Module Properties: non-isolated step-up & down module (BOOST & Buck)
Input voltage: 5-32V
Output voltage: (1) continuously adjustable (1.2-35V)
Output Current: 1.5A (MAX)
Input Current: 4A (MAX)
Output power: natural cooling 20W, plus heat sink 25W (MAX) real power
Maximum output power = input voltage conversion efficiency * 4A *conversion efficiency
Conversion efficiency: the efficiency of the measured voltage and current commonly used (hereinafter, for reference only)


 A=Input voltage. B=Input Current. C=Output voltage. D=Output Current. E=conversion efficiency 

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