EG-1 V2.0 (Prusa i3 DIY kit) - Concordia exclusive offer


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1Kg PLA (Premium 3D-Spark brand)
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Newest version V2.0 with a great NEW feature: a Zrib board. Say goodbye to the Melzi 2.0 board.

The advantage : 
-Compatible with a dual extruder
-Compatible with the latest version of Marlin



Model:  EG-1(+) V2.0
Board: Zrib
Printing material: Multi-filaments : ABS, PLA, Nylon, Flex, Wood, HIPS, PVA
Minimum layer's height: 100 microns
Assembly time: 4-8h
Builder's rating


  1. Frame: Threaded rod( parts and components)
  2. Structure: Acrylic sheet
  3. Print Size:200*200*220mm(Max)
  4. Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm 
  5. LCD screen: Yes (Support  )
  6. XY axis positioning accuracy:0.012mm
  7. Z axis positioning accuracy:0.004mm
  8. Nozzle diameter:0.4mm(standard configuration)
  9. Nozzle temperature:170oC-275oC
  10. Platform temperature:110oC (adjustable) MK2
  11. Platform material: aluminium plate
  12. Printing material: PLA, ABS, HIPS
  13. Material diameter: 1.75mm
  14. Software language: English
  15. File format: STL,G-code
  16. Machine dimension:430*405*370mm
  17. Package dimension:480*430*26mm
  18. Power supply:DC 12V 20A
  19. OS:XP,WIN7,MAC
  20. Host computer software: Repetier-Host
  21. Environmental requirement: Temp: -5 - 40°c,Humidity:20-70%

    New feature: Extruder is 100% metal


      New feature: Zrib board with plugs. Most of the connexion are plug and not block terminal. Faster to connect and less risk of faulty connexion. 

      New feature: new threaded rod, high precision on the Z-axis

      Prusa i3 with AUTO-LEVEL DIY store canada







      New feature: Can be upgraded with an auto-level sensor (Now available) 


      An example printed with the EG-1 by Francois B. (Thanks to share the pictures with us)


      - 1x printer parts (complete kit)

      - 1x spool holder

      - 1x micro SD card 4GB

      - Tools

      - Detailed instructions online

      - 6 months warranty on piece

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