Dual extruder upgrade kit for EG-2 (ZRIB)


Great upgrade for your EG-2 with autolevel!

Multi-material and dual color support. Lets you print complicated parts with soluble support.
Up to 250c temperature.

Stainless steel extruder carriage with SC8uu enclosed bearings.
Integrated mounting points for auto-level probe.
Very compact print head, using bowden-style remote extruders.
Integrated blower fan

Easy to install on a new or already built printer.
Assembly manual and modified firmware available on our support website 3dprintertutorial.org
Allows the printer to run the latest Marlin firmware with all the new features available.

WARNING: This product is intended for users with experience in 3D printing. You will need to perform advanced calibration, and modify/compile/upload the firmware via Arduino IDE. ElectronicGeek.ca will NOT provide support for the integration of this upgrade kit (if you selected the support option with your printer, assembly and calibration of the core components will be covered, but we will not provide help with modifications to the firmware). If you don't feel confident in modifying the firmware code, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS UPGRADE KIT.

Kit includes:

1x Bowden extruder
1x Push-connect M6 connector
1x Stepper motor cable
2x Bowden tube
1x Dual extruder assembly
1x Fastener bag