Dyze Design Extruder ; 1.75mm



The DyzeXtruder is a extrudeur for 3D printers.
Made of metal, it has a custom-made spring specifically designed to get optimal strength.
The filament is guided and easy to remove.
Ready for Groove mount and Bowden.
4 mounting holes for M4 screws in order to facilitate the installation.
Perfect for TPE (NinjaFlex), PLA, PC, PEEK, ABS, PLA-BRASS, PLA-Carbon Fiber, etc...
Stepper motor: NEMA 17x40 - 0.9 deg - 1.68 A.
1 x DyzeXtruder.
1 x 1000 mm cable.
2 x M4-10 mouting screws.
100% satisfaction.
DYZE DESIGN develops high quality products.

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