HY510 5g Grey Thermal Conductive Grease Paste Compound Silicone


Thermal Grease Paste, Help Your Electrical Appliance To Thermal Conductivity And Heat Dissipation,
To Ensure That The Electronic Instruments, Meters And Other Electrical Performance Stability.

1.High Grade Stability And Reliability.
2.Apply to CPU, VGA, Chipset, Radiator And Other PC Components.
3.Helps Disperse The Heat From CPU To Heatsink Effectively.
4.Low Thermal Resistance And High Conductivity For Superior Heat Transfer.
5.High Temperature Resistance. Non-toxic, Tasteless, Non-corrosive.

1.Model: HY510
2.Thermal Conductivity: >1.93 W/m-K
3.Thermal Resistance: <0.225° C-in2/W
4.Color: Grey
5.Type:Pin Case
6.Net Content:5g

Package Includes:
1x 5g Grey Thermal Grease Paste

1.Clean The Surface To Remove Rust, Dirt And Oil And Others.
2.With A Scraper, Brush, Glass Or Syringes And Other Tools,
   Thermal Grease Evenly To The Treated Solid Contact Surface.

1.Keep Far Away From Kids.
2.Don’t Use Hand To Touch.

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