Micro Blower, 5.5v

Say hello to our little friend, the 5.5 volt Micro Blower! This micro blower component utilizes power-saving axial air-gap cooling and is ideal for cooling the heat sink on your 3D printer, especially if you are building your own hot end or an entire RepRap 3D printer.


Customer Note:

If you own a LulzBot TAZ or LulzBot Mini and are having issues with your Tool Head, including issues with the Micro Blower, please contact us for assistance with your tool head before purchasing this component.

Works with: LulzBot Mini, LulzBot TAZ 5


The Micro Blower can also be used for Arduino, LED lighting, BeagleBone Black, robotics, and other applications! The Micro Blower is a great choice because it requires low start up voltage and offers up to 40 percent power savings over traditional fans, meaning your project can do more with the same amount of power. Plus, its compact 250 mm long design and low-profile allow your work to stand out.

Parts Included

1 Micro Blower with unterminated wires


30 AWG

Voltage: 5.5V

2 wire with bare ends (not shown in photo)

Speed: 9000 RPM

Airflow: 0.57 CFM

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