MK3 heatbed + Cable + 100K ohm Thermistor RepRap 3D printer parts PCB


Name: MK3 heatbed

Weight: 0.385kg


MK3 choose two working voltage of 12V and 24V, more practical; MK3 aluminum plate is used in the process, because the aluminum plate material is expensive and production costs tend to be ordinary glass plate expensive, so, MK3 are expensive.

12V connection: a cable connected to one another while connected to a wire 2,3.

24V connection: a cable connection 2, in addition to a cable connection 3 (1 left unconnected).

The new version of the circuit, whether connected 12V, or 24V, Power are stable


1, the voltage 12V/24V.

2, process: aluminum plate

3, Size: 214X214mm

4, thickness: 3mm

5, Color: Black

Package include: 

MK3 heatbed + Cable + 100K ohm Thermistors



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