Rumba main board






Size: 135*175MM

Weight: 90g

Power input: 12-35V

Support motor quantity: 6

Motor driven support: A4988, DRV8825

Control panel support: LCD2004  LCD12864

Environment: for Arduino IDE

Firmware : Marlin

Upper computer software: printrun Repetier - Host




1.  Using the same with for Arduino MEGA CPU, Atmega 2560 is used as the main control chip, with high performance USB chip ATMEGA1602, can be compatible with all RAMPS relevant firmware.

2.  5 temperature sensor input interface

3.  All the pins are led out, more function expansion

4.  With LCD expansion interface, can be connected with Chinese LCD screen and SD development board, the realization of offline printing support 2004 and 12864.

5.  Steering gear expansion interface, convenient to add automatic leveling function,

6.  Supports 6 A4988 16 subdivide stepper drive plate, or 6 DRV8825 32 subdivide stepper driver board;

7.  PWM DC output, 6 road output use high performance and low conduction resistance for  MOS pipe driven, each output has LED instructions

8.  Power supply part: power input for the 12-35V, the design is dual power supply, effectively avoid the mutual influence, hot bed part supports the 11A current, 12V, the other part, 5A, 12V, in order to reduce the large current in high temperature MEGA Controller board produces,

9.  Control board firmware will use now the most widely used Marlin: stability, ease of use, good functions and very good performances.

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