Sale: PCB Heatbed MK1

The Prusa-designed PCB heat bed is a great addition to your Reprap printer to help in keeping your prints sticking to the build platform. This heat bed design has been in use for years.


Compatibility notice: 

This PCB heat bed requires at least 10amps. To power a printer and the PCB heat bed you will need at least a 15amp power supply; however, a 20amp power supply would be best.

Works with: LulzBot AO-101 or AO-100


We suggest a 200mm x 214mm x 2.4mm glass plate on top of the heatbed. Alternatively, you can put Kapton tape on the board. This heatbed uses the 100k Honeywell Axial Thermistor.

Parts Included

1 PCB heat bed


Maximum Operating Temperature: 110°C (230°F)

Size: 214 mm x 214 mm (8.4 inches x 8.4 inches)

Mounting for M3 or 4-40 hardware

LED solder mount for power recognition

Red PCB solder mask