TAZ 6 Controller Box

This direct replacement for the LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printer controller box is designed for quick installation into an existing TAZ 6 3D printer, or in a DIY TAZ 6 3D printer build. The assembled controller box includes the Graphical LCD Controller for tetherless 3D printing, an auto-switching internal power supply, and the trusted and proven RAMBo control electronics for reliable 3D printer performance.



Purchasing this for a return or prior to warranty service? Contact Support@LulzBot.com beforehand. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization.

Works with: LulzBot TAZ 6


Designed for advanced users needing an express replacement, or for building a TAZ 6  using the Open Source Hardware source files, this enclosure is a comprehensive solution with quick installation.

Parts Included

TAZ 6 Control Box, assembled with:

  • Graphical LCD Controller with control knob and integrated SD Card reader
  • Internal auto-switching power supply, input: 110 Volts AC or 220 Volts AC, output: 24 Volts, 500 Watts
  • RAMBo control electronics
  • Integrated wiring harnesses with internal wire management
  • Powder-coated and laser-etched wiring cover with labeled connections
  • Populated second extruder connector for future upgrades with optional Dual Extruder Tool Heads


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